Macclesfield Male Voice Choir
Macclesfield Male Voice Choir

The Members of the Choir



Tenor 1

Tenor 2



Andrew Clarke

David Collins

Gerald Durkin

David Evans

Ciaran Fleming

David Hollick

Bob Hurst

Bob Jenner

Mervyn Lovatt

Tim Neale

Dennis Rowley

Ken Wainwright

Eric Walford

Tony Williams


Mike Baker

John Burgess

Peter Dawson

Dai Jones

Keith Jones

Geraint Jones-David

Neil MacArthur

Bill McWalter

Tom Mitchell

Neil Mutter

Harry Newton

Bryan Peak

Joe Ravenscroft

Paul Robinson

Steve Saunders (NA)

Mike Thomas

Eric Waller

Keith Wykes

Mike Batson

John Berry

Harry Carlisle

Michael Evans

Martin Goodwin

Barry Green

Max Hartley

David Hyde

Richard Knight

Rob Lynn

Derek McBryde

Stuart Mills

Chris Potter

Nick Skelton

John Topham

Graham Waters

John Wilkin

Norman Wood

Ken Bundell

Giles Chapman

Nigel Edwards

Forbes Furmage

Ron Gould

John Hardwick (NA)

Paul Heritage

Helmut Kruse

Alan Larman

Geoff Molyneux

Bill Pinnock

Don Riseley

John Robinson

Martin Tute

John Webster 

NA = member not currently active

Your visit is most Welcome

The Choir was formed 60 years ago and now numbers over 70 choristers.

We perform concerts locally and further afield including several overseas trips.


Next Concert:

3rd March 12 noon


New members are always welcome

We rehearse for two hours every Monday evening. Please feel free to join us for a rehearsal or contact our Secretary on:

01625 432282  or e-mail